Stamping Over Julep Rose

I attempted (did I succeed?) to stamp some polka dots using the m79 plate over my Julep Rose manicure from yesterday. The dots kept smudging :/ so this is how it turned out:

Julep Dots Left Hand Julep Dots Right Hand

The white is Sinful Colors – “Snow Me White.” My right hand turned out much better than the left, (usually it’s the opposite lol) but I just started stamping, I’m sure I will get better in no time! ­čÖé Well, that’s all for today. I’ve got to go study for my ASL final. Wish me luck!


Loving Julep Rose!!! <3

I recently won┬áLeviosaa’s giveaway on subblime for a free Julep nail polish of my choice. I, of course, chose Rose. Since I wasn’t loving the “green” manicure I did yesterday, I decided to try out Rose today, and boy am I in love! I can’t even begin to describe how pretty it is! It is┬ádefinitely┬áred, but it has a┬ásubtle┬áhint of pink in it as well.

Julep Rose

This is after two coats. It was still a little see through after one coat. I will most likely be stamping over it later, but for right now, I am just enjoying this beautiful candy like color. ­čÖé

Gradient Nails for Summer

Gradient Nails for Summer

My first attempt at sponge gradients. It didn’t go so well. I got told it looked like candy corn when I was going for summer sunset. Anyways, this is what really got me into nail art. I came across a tutorial on gradient nails while scrolling through tumblr and I’ve been hooked ever since ­čÖé