Elleandish New Years Nails

I love Elleandish‘s nail tutorials, so when I saw she had posted a New Years design, I just had to try it out.


This is how my left hand turned out. Not bad, but I learned that my glitter polish just wasn’t dense enough for the star on the middle finger, so i tried a different technique on my right hand:


The star on this hand turned out much better. I used a metallic gold polish to make the star and then went over the lines, once, with my glitter polish.

That’s all for now. Have a great New Year, and be sure to check out the rest of Elleandish’s designs and tutorials at her Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/elleandish!


Happy New Years

I got some awesome nail polish and nail art brushes for Christmas, and I couldn’t wait to try them out, so I started on a New Years design with my new Nevada spirit paint nail polish. It turned out a little messy, but with time I think I will get used to the new brushes.

My left hand (the better of the two hands lol)

This is the nail art brush set from Bundle Monster that I got for Christmas 🙂 (Thanks Mom!)

P.S. Go Pack!



I did these a few days ago. Nothing too exciting…

Neon Stripes!


So, here it is! Did you guess right? Originally, these stripes were only meant for one finger on each hand, but they turned out so cute, I just had to do them on the rest.

I used scotch tape cut into small little slivers to create the stripes. I just placed them over my white nails with some spaces in between and painted the stripes into the spaces. Then I just peeled the tape off and wah lah! Beautiful stripes! (If I had a striping brush, this would have been much easier.)

Here are some tips for success for anyone who is looking to recreate these gorgeous stripes:

1. Peeling the tape off when the polish is still wet results in cleaner lines!
2. When taping, start from the middle. This helps get the tape straight because, if your nails are like mine, the sides of the nail are slanted and make it hard to tell how straight the tape is until you get to the middle.
3. When painting, start on the side and paint each stripe in order until you get to the other side. This way you can get polish over the tape and into the next unpolished area with no worries because you will be painting over that area next anyway.
4. If you mess up, just use a toothpick with some polish on it to fix your mistake. I did this in several places, can you tell where?
5. Use polishes that cover well with one coat. It is difficult to do more than one coat when using tape because of tip 1.
6. (If you are using striping tape instead of scotch tape, you can ignore this tip.) When cutting your tape, once you’ve got it lined up right, stick the sticky side of the tape down on the scissor blade. This will keep the tape in place while you cut and reduce the number of pieces of tape you lose when you open the scissors up again.

That’s all for now! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Monday! 🙂

Nails, Nails and More Nails :)

I’m getting started on my next manicure! Anyone want to try and guess what it’s going to be?


Nails Today: Black and White Stamping

Todays nails are pretty simple. I didn’t want to spend a ton of time on them, and I really wanted to get some more practice at stamping. Both of the images are from the m60 plate. I bought my image plates and stamper and scraper set from the Born Pretty Store. So far I have had no real issues with the plates or stamper; however, the scraper isn’t very useful, so I’ve been using an old gift card instead. The gift card is great for scraping! It is much better than the scraper that came with my set lol. Anyway this is how it turned out:


Polish used:

Black – Candies: “Back to Black”

White – Sinful Colors: “Snow Me White”


I just finished my ASL final, and it went great! (Thanks to those of you who wished me luck. I really appreciate it. 🙂 )  This means new nails are coming soon! Is there anything you guys want to see? Let me know!

Stamping Over Julep Rose

I attempted (did I succeed?) to stamp some polka dots using the m79 plate over my Julep Rose manicure from yesterday. The dots kept smudging :/ so this is how it turned out:

Julep Dots Left Hand Julep Dots Right Hand

The white is Sinful Colors – “Snow Me White.” My right hand turned out much better than the left, (usually it’s the opposite lol) but I just started stamping, I’m sure I will get better in no time! 🙂 Well, that’s all for today. I’ve got to go study for my ASL final. Wish me luck!

Loving Julep Rose!!! <3

I recently won Leviosaa’s giveaway on subblime for a free Julep nail polish of my choice. I, of course, chose Rose. Since I wasn’t loving the “green” manicure I did yesterday, I decided to try out Rose today, and boy am I in love! I can’t even begin to describe how pretty it is! It is definitely red, but it has a subtle hint of pink in it as well.

Julep Rose

This is after two coats. It was still a little see through after one coat. I will most likely be stamping over it later, but for right now, I am just enjoying this beautiful candy like color. 🙂

Just got Julep – “Rose”

I just got Julep “Rose” in the mail! I won it in a Subblime giveaway! It was super awesome to win something for like the first time ever! Now I need to figure out what I am going to do with it. I also have a fake Konad stamping set I recently acquired that I want to do something with. Anyway, I wanted to post a picture of my past Julep manicure.Image

I created this one with Julep- “Zora” and Julep- “Sienna”

P.S. Be sure to check out Julep’s other awesome colors on their nail color page.

First Post!

Blue/Gold Candie's nailsIf you don’t know already, I have recently become addicted to nail art, so, of course, my first post on my new blog would be about that. This is what my nails currently look like. This look reminds me of mermaids 🙂Blue/Gold nails

What I used:

Ring finger: Candie’s (available at Kohl’s) – “Stay Golden” & Candie’s – “Gimme Gold”

All other fingers: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear – “Marine Scene” #23