New “Follow Me Here” Buttons

follow me here button I created these cute little image links today, and I am so proud of them (Look at the sidebar!). After discovering that there is no way to add an AddThis widget to a blog, I was very depressed, but I quickly realized I could just make my own with some simple html code. The fun part was making the little images. They turned out so cute!! If anyone wants any help putting these on their blog, I would be glad to help. The sites I used are the only ones I made images for, but if you would like me to make matching images for other sites so you can put them on your website or blog, just let me know. All of the images I used are in my photobucket library. They were taken from the apple iphone app store images for each app, and I just rounded the corners on them. Anyways, thats all for right now. Talk to you later!